ACE – Animal Centered Education

This technique was born from Sarah Fisher’s passion for animals and details. 

Over the years she has paid great attention to the observation of the various emotions, of the body and health of animals, bringing it through her experience with various animals and through the ideas of professionals to develop this technique which is based on helping the animal to find its own. physical and emotional balance through different ways

Learn to OBSERVE your pet

a. Observe the posture

 b. Observe the movement

 c. Listen to his emotions


gives the animal the opportunity to make choices through a path that combines various sensory exercises and many other things and then leads to the introduction of simple educational exercises within the Freework such as bucket game and counting game (created by Chirag Patel ), sweet handling, and Tellington TTouch

ACE gives the animals the possibility to make choices and to have a “voice” and what they choose to do will be very useful for us to learn to understand them better, to accompany them better through all the observations that we can make and thus strengthen the confidence in the binomial

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