Chi Siamo

Valeria Boissier’s intention is to spread  a deeper knowledge about animals from both physical and mental point of view.

In the same way of many other persons, my dog-lover path begins with a dog, Baloo, who was born in my house. Although he grew up in a positive environment, he had        many self-confidence problems also because his “ human parents” were unaware about growing up a quiet and confident puppy;  the result was a dog who was afraid of people and new situations.

My big desire of seeing Baloo getting better, leads me to find out answers but it was complicated to do this  in Italy at the time so, for me and my family, begins a period of travelling in Europe searching for something which could enhance Baloo’s quality of life. 

 It’s wonderful to see a dog open  again to life, to see his face full of pride after having overcome an obstacle and finally to see that the will to live and trust springs up again. Any progress, in spite of being small, it’s a great victory because every single progress leads to great results at the end. 

This experience has taught me a lot leading me to help other animals and approaching in a  different way with the rest of the world; the quality of my life is now definitely higher.